A Novel by Dave Sheskin
Waltzing with the Wicked
Embracing the Darkness
  Waltzing with the Wicked        




                                                      THE HOPE OF THE IRATE ISLAMISTS OF EUROPE

When the eminent historian Bat Ye'or coined the word Eurabia, it was widely accepted. In it she argues that in order to win favour with Mid Eastern governments, the foreign policy of European nations, especially France has led to appeasing home grown radical Islamic militants. Many of these European countries have seen their immigration from the Middle East as an element not prone to being absorbed into the host society, rising to a dangerous degree. The result is an imbalance in the demographic structure, and through it, the pacification of a rather large Muslim population that is basically anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-American and anti-progressive.

 The prime objective of these Islamist militants is to establish a world where there is room for only one religion, Islam. This is the policy of the militants and has been stated emphatically so that the world shouldn't forget. As a reminder, they have used assassination, boycotts and other means to achieve their goals. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is but an excuse for their terrorist activities, and as their numbers swell their demands to introduce Islamic law reaches new heights. If Europe refuses to stop the appeasement of these fundamentalist Islam organizations, it will not only be the Jewish population of Europe that suffers, but the Christians as well. Jews and Christians are loathed by these evil groups, and as long as they see Allah as the one and only God, Europe and the rest of all decent humanity worldwide will suffer because of it.


                Don't ever allow yourself to become mislead into believing that this is not your fight, because it is.  France and other countries in Europe are aflame with anti-Semitism and anti-Christianity, and unless those flames are doused, radical Islam will continue to proliferate across the continent merely because these fanatics have an agenda that encompasses all angles of evil, and they will not stop until their quest for world domination has been achieved. There are numerous Muslims in the west that openly promote implementing Islamic law and converting the west into an Islamic majority society. Islamism is an ideology that has become our quandary, and as violent as they have become in their methodology, their intolerance of us will only become worse, and they will use all measures available to achieve global domination. We must not stand by and allow this to happen.


                The consequences of Islamist achievements are as clear today as they were in the Europe of the 70s, when organizations such as the Israeli Mossad, American CIA and Britain's MI.6 commenced a campaign of uncovering and eliminating the leaders of these radical killer organizations. It was our objective to stop the ethnic cleansing that some of the groups had already begun planning, and in some cases carried out via suicide attacks and indiscriminate spilling of Jewish and Christian blood.

If non-Muslims flee the new Islamic order, the continent of Europe in particular will become a majority Islamic society within mere decades. Islamism is taking advantage of Europe's failures and will ultimately become the new global adversary of our civilization. It is our duty as civilized people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike to see that this doesn't happen; ever. 


Waltzing with the Wicked is the story of an operative and his female partner who had successfully infiltrated one of these Islamist fundamentalist organizations, and as it unfolded in the 70s, it is happening again today; only this time our mission is not only to prevent the spread of radical Islam, but to thwart them from destroying Europe before it's too late. They must not realize their ambitions or attain their goal of world domination.


Dave Sheskin

   Waltzing with the Wicked: Embracing the Darkness, authored by Dave Sheskin, is a soul bearing and often agonizing chronicling of the main character's struggles as he wrestles with the consequences of his decision to join the legendary Israeli Mossad. Leading the life as a successful operative, Nathan Sheppard, this father of three is frequently absent, and chaos ensues in his personal life. The setting of the story takes place in Europe during the early 70s when the sharp rise in Islamic fundamentalist terror networks threatened the Jewish and Christian communities of Europe. It was time for locating and eradicating the terrorist leaders and their network of evil. These radical militant organizations were on a quest for global domination, and the tactics they employed to attain their goals were nothing short of wicked and horrendous.

    Finding fulfilment in his work accomplishments and the financial comforts they provide, in his mind, he is the epitome of a hard working, dedicated family man. However, his entire universe is forever knocked from its axis when his beautiful teenage daughter tragically dies from an overdose of drugs. Overwhelmed with guilt he fervently believes her loss was preventable had he not been an absentee father. His mind is jolted from the brilliant lights of bright futures and endless days of joy into the dark abyss of self loathing, despair and hatred. Coming to understand that while God is a questionable entity, Satan is a tangible force evident in everyday life. Refusing to accept comfort or solace in any form, he embarks on a lifetime journey to find vindication and revenge, and confront evil on terms only those who reside in the darkest regions of hell can fathom. How this man survived life's challenges is nothing short of a miracle.

    Composed in captivating narrative and compelling dialogue, his story flows at a brisk tempo. The plot contains more than a few strategically placed and unexpected twists which should maintain the reader's interest throughout. The characters are developed and presented in a multi-dimensional fashion revealing the intricacies of their unique personalities and individual agendas. In addition, the author effectively manages to avoid artificially padding the work with superfluous material and unnecessary characters thereby keeping the focus directed towards the primary storyline. Navigating the plot to a well conceived and logical conclusion, the author could leave the reader with the sense of time well invested in the reading of this story.

    Dave Sheskin's highly creative style of writing combined with a keen attention to detail further enhances the appeal of this work. Although composed as a work of fiction, many of the events are factual. The principal characters names have been changed and every effort has been made to maintain the integrity of the story.                                                                 

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